Friday, February 27, 2009

Yahoo is funny...I have proof

As I was obsessively checking my email today, I noticed on Yahoo's home page that they had two stories displayed ironically close. Quick note: I hate when people point out irony by using the word irony, but I just can't help myself here. 

Anyways, just below the "story" of the Obama's new pooch arrival, I spot a face and story that's loved by felines guessed it, Michael Vick. He's being released. 
I can't help but wonder (for the benefit of this bit) if Vick will have to go the pedophile route and make his presence known to all of his dog owning neighbors.

A bigger question however, is where he's going to make his home once he's released. Reports from the NFL state that there are a few teams ready to pick him up. The Obamas are praying that the Redskins are not one of them.

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