Friday, February 27, 2009

Governmental hyPOTcracy?

Look, I know. The title of this story is a bit of a stretch. But no matter where you stand on the legalization of weed, you've gotta question California's sudden change of heart. It's funny that when the State needs money, they can just go into the drug dealing business. Interesting.

I'm sure all the pot advocates will be dancing in the streets WHEN this law goes into or out of affect. (I'm not sure which) But c'mon Pot Head's, is this the way you wanted to win this battle? For decades you have been fighting for cannabis get the "thumbs up," based on the logic of it not being a "big deal" drug. Hell, even California agreed to allow the sick people to get high...but only the sick ones!!!

Now, the State finds itself below the poverty line, as a kind of "collective poor person."  They're desperate to pay their bills, they've got a whole shitload of unemployed mouths to feed and the lights are gonna be shut off. (sorry for using the term "shitload" and "Mouths to feed" in the same space)

It seems to me, that if individuals behaved in this manner in a time of desperation, they'd be...I don't know...uh JAILED! I guess the State now knows what it feels like to survive on ghetto/trailer park/barrio terms.

So what do you say to the parole violator who pissed a dirty test last year, that now sits behind bars watching Comcast and lifting weights? Do we release all the non-voilent drug offenders, or just the weed smoking ones? It only seems logical that if weed is "cool" now and the State is pushing it, don't we have an obligation to free both the Major dealers and smokers alike?

Personally, I don't give a crap about weed. But the State's desperation is sickening. Hopefully this "drug money" will balance the budget or provide my kids' school with another teacher, but we all know that the more you make the more you spend...on stupid shit. I just hope pot covers the bill, and the State's desperation eases up on the, "do as I say, not as I do," bullshit.
Let's just pray that Murder for hire never becomes a mainstream taxable market.

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