Friday, March 20, 2009

Fuck you again Adam Lambert!

Do I really need to even write anything?
Randy Jackson made an interesting point (and by "interesting" I mean "fucking retarded" point) about how if NIN covered a Cash song, that's what it would have sounded like. First off, NIN is smart enough to know that they shouldn't cover Cash. Cash covered NIN and I'm sorry, but that's a great example of why we have one-way streets.
Look, it seems that every time this Adam Lambert fellow shits all over the stage, the judges eat it up, especially Paula an her need to refer to him as an original standout.

There is nothing original about Adam Lambert. He's the a modern day example of why Nirvana got popular. Nirvana saved us from this type of earpoop. Then again, maybe I should root for Lambert to get successful. Maybe his "style" will catch on and usher in the next great musical movement. He's the perfect spark to start a rebellion.

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